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Exclusive Discounts

This page may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission for purchases made after clicking the links. I only recommend products that I personally use and love!

Are you looking to save a little bit of cash? I negotiated some exclusive discount codes on my favorite products for moms.

I’m so excited to share these discounts and freebies with you.

Click the links below to jump straight to the discount, or you can scroll down to view all of them.

Discounts and Free Items

These items are free with the coupon codes, but they do have a shipping charge

Breastfeeding & Pumping Discounts

Discount on Kindred Bravely Bras

The Kindred Bravely bras were some of my favorite ones to pump and then wear all day. Use this link and Promo Code LISA20 for a special discount on your order!

Discount on Sarah Wells Pumping Bag

One of my favorite items was this pumping bag from Sarah Wells.

When I first started pumping, I bought a different cheap pumping bag on Amazon. It became a big hassle because it really only fit my Spectra pump and I still needed to carry another bag to work with my laptop, lunch, and a cooler for the milk I’d pumped while at work.

I was so happy when I found this bag from Sarah Wells because I could fit my Spectra pump, extra pumping parts, my laptop, and a cooler all within one pumping bag. After I was finished pumping, I found a lot of uses for the bag and used it as a diaper bag and as a carry-on for the airplane while traveling.

The code LISA15 will save you 15% at Sarah Wells for a limited time ! Sign up for my email list below and I will let you know about any other future promotions.

FREE Breast Pump Through Insurance

  • Just grab your insurance card and click here to see if you qualify for a free breast pump through your insurance.
  • You will enter your information, and baby’s due date (or birth date if your little one has already been born).
  • They do all of the work for you and make it super simple!
  • After checking your insurance, they will send you a list of pumps that you qualify for.

FREE Pump Parts or Milk Bags Through Insurance

  • Click here and enter your information as if you are looking to qualify for a breast pump. It is ok to try this even if you’ve already ordered a pump through another company.
  • Enter your information and baby’s birth date in the due date field
  • After you receive an email from the customer service representative, ask them to check if you qualify for replacement pump parts or milk bags through your insurance plan.

Willow Pump Discount

Have you heard of the Willow hands-free pump? This pump can give you a life-changing amount of freedom.

Click here to check out the current discounts on the Willow pump.

LaVie Discount: Save 10%

My favorite LaVie products:

Legendairy Milk Discount: Save 10%

Click this link to save 10% on your order at Legendairy Milk.

My favorite Legendairy Milk Products:

  • The Bestseller Bundle – contains 3 supplements so you can figure out which works the best for you (Liquid Gold, Pump Princess, and Milkapalooza)
  • Pump Princess – I saw my supply go up when pumping.
  • Cash Cow – Increased the fattiness of my milk and I saw a slight increase in supply when pumping.
  • I love that all of their supplements are free of fenugreek.

Kiinde Starter Pack (FREE)

Click this link for a FREE Kiinde Starter Pack (just pay $6 shipping)

In the Kiinde starter pack, you’ll get all of these goodies:

  • Coupon for a free box of 40 Kiinde bags
  • Coupon for a 50% discount off the Kiinde system (worth $50!)
  • Adapters to fit your pump
  • Kiinde bottle and a sample Kiinde storage bag

Free Items (Just Pay Shipping)

These items are Free with these exclusive coupon codes. The companies do charge a shipping and handling fee.

Free Breastfeeding / Pumping Cover

Click here to go to and enter coupon code LISA35 for $35 off a breastfeeding or pumping cover. You will still need to pay shipping.

This cover is great because there is a stiff piece on the neckline so you can see your baby or check on your pump. It also gives space for some air flow while keeping you covered up. Personally, I prefer the muslin fabric over the cotton for the cover.

FREE Breastfeeding Pillow

Click here to go to and enter code LISA40 for $40 off your breastfeeding support pillow. You will still need to pay shipping.

This pillow is similar to a boppy pillow. I also used this pillow for extra back support while I was sitting in a chair pumping.

FREE Reusable Breast Pads

Click here to go to and use coupon code LISA35 to save $35 off your order, which is good for 10 free pairs of reusable breast pads. You will still need to pay shipping.

FREE Baby Items (Just Pay Shipping)

These items are Free with these exclusive coupon codes. The companies do charge a shipping and handling fee.

FREE Carseat Cover

Click here to go to and enter coupon code LISA50 for $50 off a carseat cover.

(I love the Jersey Stretch Canopy style for the carseat cover.)

3 FREE Ruffle Diaper Covers

Click here to go to and enter coupon code LISA60 for $60 off (good for 3 free ruffle diaper covers).

These look so adorable paired with a onesie or under a dress for your little one. They have styles that would be perfect for a birthday or 3, 6, or 9 month photoshoot. They also have styles for holidays like Valentines Day, Christmas, and 4th of July!

5 FREE Pairs of Baby Leggings

Click here to go to and enter code LISA50 for $50 off your order of baby leggings.

This coupon is good for 5 free pairs of leggings. You will still need to pay shipping.

They have adorable styles for both girls and boys. They also have cute styles for different holidays throughout the year!