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How Long Until Lactation Cookies Start Working?

How Long Until Lactation Cookies Start Working?
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If you are a new mom and want to increase your milk supply, you might be wondering how long it will take for lactation cookies to start working.

While breastfeeding is an entirely natural part of being a mom, it is also one of motherhood’s more challenging aspects.  While not all moms choose to breastfeed, nearly 83% of moms attempt to breastfeed after giving birth according to the CDC.

One thing that challenges most breastfeeding moms is the ability to produce enough milk to sustain the health of your baby.  As a result, many women choose to use lactation cookies to increase their milk production. 

How long does it take lactation cookies to work? Within 1-2 days after eating lactation cookies, most women will notice a small increase in their milk supply.  Lactation cookies are not a magic bullet to milk production.

In this article, you will learn about lactation cookies, the ingredients used to make them, as well as how they work to increase a nursing mother’s milk supply. 

Lactation Cookies

Nursing a baby is hard work, and not all moms can provide an adequate milk supply for their baby, which can be frustrating. 

If you are on a mission to provide only breastmilk to your baby, you may look for help to increase your supply.  One place to start is with lactation cookies. 

Lactation cookies have been used by many nursing moms with great success; however, there is not a ton of research to back up their actual effectiveness. 

Lactation cookies include ingredients that are known to increase milk supply, which can be helpful to nursing moms.

When you look at lactation cookies and their recipes, you will likely find common ingredients between both commercial and homemade versions. Each ingredient serves a particular purpose when included in a lactation cookie recipe. 

Some of the common ingredients found in lactation cookies include:

  • Oats: Oats help increase the level of prolactin in your body. This is an essential hormone for milk production. 
  • Flaxseed: This seed helps add nutrition to breast milk in the form of omegas 3 & 6.
  • Brewer’s yeast: Brewer’s yeast is a good source of B vitamins, which may help the body to increase the production of milk.
  • Wheat Germ: Wheat germ is high in zinc, a mineral that is linked to higher milk production rates. 

Many popular ingredients go into lactation cookies, and none of them are uncommon, which means they are likely sitting in your kitchen pantry right now.

Do Lactation Cookies Work?

The jury is out when it comes to the effectiveness of lactation cookies.  Many moms swear by their effectiveness when it comes to increasing their milk supply, while experts are not quite sure they are 100% effective at increasing the supply.

However, there were a series of five studies including 122 nursing mothers, where one of the common ingredients in lactation cookies, fenugreek, was shown to be effective at increasing milk supply in breastfeeding moms.

Another common ingredient in lactation cookies, brewer’s yeast, was shown to increase milk supply in a study with animals.

Brewer’s yeast is rich in nutrients such as B vitamins and chromium, which could be responsible for the impact on milk supply that many women anecdotally experience.

How Quickly Do the Cookies Work?

If you are a mom that is struggling to produce enough milk for your baby, you likely want to find something that will help you as quickly as possible.

Like any supplement, there is not a strict timeline on how quickly you will start to see the results.  Some women have said they noticed changes within two days, but this is not always the case. 

oatmeal cookies on a white plate, oats on a plate and flax seed in a dish with a wooden spoon

Who Are Lactation Cookies for?

Lactation cookies were developed for nursing moms, but the ingredients in them would be safe for anyone to consume. 

Eating lactation cookies may be beneficial to increasing milk supply, but they can also provide essential nutrients to your body as well. 

How Many Should You Eat?

The critical part to remember is that lactation cookies are still cookies.  You need to consume them in moderation because, although they are serving a healthful purpose, if they are eaten in excess, they can cause weight gain and other side effects that may not be so pleasant. 

If you want to know more about the Side Effects From Eating Lactation Cookies, check out this article I wrote.

Side Effects of Lactation Cookies

While the best side effect you may experience is an increase in milk supply, there may be other side effects that you notice, such as: 

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches

These side effects may not seem too horrible, but if you are already dealing with recovering from giving birth and struggling with milk supply, they can be devastating.

Because there is a chance for some side effects, it is a good idea to introduce lactation cookies into your daily routine very slowly.  It is also essential to monitor how many you are consuming. The weight gain is likely going to be a result of increased calories. 

Where Can You Get Lactation Cookies?

If you are not a fan of baking or have no desire to whip up a batch of lactation cookies, you are in luck because they can be purchased online.

When you are purchasing online, be cautious of the supplier.  As lactation cookies have increased in popularity, so have the number of people making them as a small business. 

Most small businesses are fully insured and follow all safety standards, but there is always room for error and not all small businesses use the same quality ingredients or follow the same safety protocol.  

Here are some highly-rated pre-made options that you can try:

Since these are all pre-baked cookies, they are convenient and easy to use as soon as they arrive. 

If you would rather have a mix, there are many options on the market.  Not only are mixes easy to store, but they allow you to bake the cookies as you need them, which ensures freshness. 

Some lactation cookie mixes that come highly recommended are:

Many of the mixes and cookies listed are made of all organic ingredients. It is not necessary to consume only organically based lactation cookies.

However, most moms are focused in choosing the healthiest and safest options when it comes to themselves and their baby during breastfeeding, so the organic options can be helpful. 

How Much do They Cost?

You will find lactation cookies can be a little pricy and range between $10-$25 per 10 servings.  While this may seem quite excessive, if you weigh out the cost of formula and the potential of increasing your milk supply, it may seem worth it to spend the money on lactation cookies. 

Are Lactation Cookies Safe?

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing any supplement is the safety of the product.  This is important all the time, but even more important when you are providing nourishment for a baby.

Fortunately, lactation cookies and their ingredients are generally considered safe for both moms and babies.  

As with anything, it is important to work with your physician or a lactation consultant when deciding to use any form of supplementation during nursing.

While the ingredients included in lactation cookies will likely not harm you or the baby, it would be beneficial to use them under guidance to ensure no harm is done. 

Should You Use the Cookies Alone?

No, you should rely on lactation cookies alone to keep your milk supply up.  When you are nursing you also need to make sure you are eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated. 

All these things will impact your supply.  

Final Thoughts

Lactation cookies may be exactly what you need to increase your milk supply.  They are made with minimal ingredients and can safely be consumed by anyone, not just nursing mothers. 

Before using lactation cookies, it may be wise to seek guidance from your physician or lactation consultant.  If you are given the go ahead to try them, you may experience the positive benefits many others have. 

oatmeal cookies on plate, oats on plate, and flax seed in dish with spoon

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