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Nanobebe: Everything You Need To Know (A Helpful Guide)

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I came across the Nanobebe bottles when I was deciding which bottle to use for my daughter. The design was so unique and they grabbed my attention. It seemed interesting that these bottles have been designed to support breastfeeding and to preserve the nutrients in breastmilk. I did a lot of research on the bottles, and here is what I found.

Read on for everything I have discovered about the Nanobebe bottles:

  • How to use the Nanobebe bottles
  • How to clean them
  • Benefits and downsides to the bottles
  • How to deal with leaking bottles
  • Using the Nanobebe bottle warmer
  • Using Nanobebe milk storage bags
  • Pumping into Nanobebe bottles with a Spectra pump
  • Similarities and differences between Nanobebe and Comotomo bottles
  • Using infant formula in Nanobebe bottles

How to Use Nanobebe Bottles

The Nanobebe bottles were unlike anything I’d seen before. The bottles are specifically designed to make the feeding process easier. The design of the bottle also ensures that the milk keeps its vitamins and nutritional value. All packages in which the bottles are sold contain a breast pump adaptor, allowing you to pump milk directly into the bottle.

Before using the baby bottle, you will first need to make sure it is correctly put together. The bottom is removable, so you have to press the top part into it. Its system is not screw-on (like most bottles), so simply leaving the bottom on your table and pushing the bottle over it will do the trick.

Afterward, milk can be directly pumped into the bottle or poured inside. Once the bottle is full, you can attach the nipple if you intend to feed your baby right away. If not, you can put the storage lid on and then store the Nanobebe bottles in the fridge.

If you have a few of the bottles, the shape of the bottles allows them to be stacked on top of each other. This is amazing because it saves a lot of space in the refrigerator or on the counter.

Once your baby is hungry, the bottle can be warmed up quickly and easily.

  • First, remove the storage lid and attach the nipple to the top.
  • Then, you can either use a Nanobebe warmer, or a large bowl, in which you add warm water.
  • Place the baby bottle in water and slowly swirl it around. It should reach body temperature in a few minutes.

Here are a few tips for when you are ready to feed your little one.

  • To have a good grip on the bottle, place your thumb on its bottom of it and the other fingers on its side.
  • The measurement marks should face up. This will allow milk to flow easily.
  • Thanks to the design, your little one may be able to hold the bottle on their own with a bit of practice.

How to Clean Nanobebe Bottles

It is recommended that you clean and sterilize the Nanobebe baby bottle after every single use. A nice thing about these bottles is that you can easily reach all the parts of the bottle for cleaning. Start by removing the silicone ring, then push down on the bottom to release the top part of the bottle.

You can clean the bottles with warm water and soap or pop it in your dishwasher. Sterilizing can be done with a Nanobebe steam sterilizer in the microwave. If you don’t have one, you can leave the bottle in boiling water for five minutes. Be sure to sterilize all components before first using them.

Benefits of Nanobebe Bottles

  • Many babies who refuse bottles will accept the Nanobebe bottle. That is most likely because of the shape of the bottle.
  • Feeding the baby is easy for anyone because the bottle is simple to hold. Mom, her partner, or even the baby’s older siblings can help with feeding. After a while, babies can feed on their own (with supervision).
  • There is a breast pump adaptor included in any bottle package sold by the company. That makes it easier for moms to pump milk directly into these bottles. Also, using the same adaptor, milk can be poured into plastic milk storage bags to get it ready for freezing.
  • If you choose to keep more than one bottle of milk in your fridge, it is easy to save up space by stacking the bottles on top of each other. This way, you are also aware which one has been in there for a longer time.
  • Nanobebe bottles are easy to carry around in your bag when you need to leave the house. There is a travel cap included to keep the nipple clean.
  • The Nanobebe bottle and its components are quick and easy to clean and reassemble. You could clean it by hand, but it is also safe to put in a dishwasher. Same goes with sterilizing. Pop it in boiling water for five minutes and you are done.
  • The cooling down or warming up processes are fast, thanks to the shape of this bottle. A thin layer of milk is spread all around its sides.
  • The unique shape allows the milk to cool down quickly in the fridge. This may slow bacteria growth. Also, whenever your baby is hungry, you can quickly heat up the milk in a bowl of warm water.

Downsides of Nanobebe Bottles

  • Some moms complain that the shape of these bottles leaves leftover milk in the bottle. It can be hard for the baby to get every drop of milk. It is frustrating if you have to toss out any of that liquid gold!
  • The bottles only hold 5 ounces. This should be plenty of milk for the first few months. However, once your baby grows closer to a year old, you’ll need to transition to stage 2 bottles that hold 8 ounces. This is because they may want to drink more than 5 ounces of milk per feeding.
  • The bottles may leak sometimes. This can happen either through the bottom part of the bottle, or the area around the nipple cap.

How to Deal with Leaking Nanobebe Bottles

The best solution to a leaking Nanobebe bottle is to pay close attention when assembling the bottle. Then, double check that you assembled the bottle correctly. Always make sure its bottom part of the bottle is pressed shut against the cap, so no air holes are formed.

When it comes to the top part of the bottle, it needs to be properly screwed on. The hole for the lid is round, which can make it difficult to place it correctly the first time. Just make sure that you check that the edges are properly aligned.

Using The Nanobebe Bottle Warmer

The Nanobebe bottles have a concave bottom of the bottle. This helps with heating the milk evenly when it is time to feed your baby. The bottom of the bottle warmer also has a matching bump in the bottom to fit the concave bottom of the bottle.

This unique shape to the bottle allows the Nanobebe bottles to be heated more quickly than standard-shaped bottles. This is because the bottles have a larger surface area which allows the milk to warm up more quickly.

Also, it is important to note that this bottle warmer is not electric. You add warm water into the warmer bowl from your kitchen sink. Then, you swirl the bottle in the warm water. You allow the warm water to circulate around the bottle to warm it. This warm water helps to preserve the nutrients in breast milk.

When using the bottle warmer, be sure to not heat the bottle with the storage cap on it. The bottom of the bottle will pop off if you heat the bottle with the cap on it. The bottle needs the nipple on top so the pressure will not build up within the bottle.

Using Nanobebe Milk Storage Bags

Nanobebe milk storage bags are thin and shallow. Nanobebe says that this shape allows them to thaw out more quickly than other milk storage bags. The milk storage bags can be thawed in the refrigerator. I have found that the bags tend to thaw in about the same amount of time as my other milk storage bags.

If you are ready to feed, then the milk storage bags can be warmed up in the Nanobebe bottle warmer. Once the milk is slightly thawed and more of a slushy consistency, then the milk can be transferred into the bottles to thaw completely.

It is a little difficult to store these milk storage bags in the freezer because of their unique shape. If you pump and freeze a lot of milk, it is much more efficient to store the frozen milk in rectangular storage bags. The rectangular shape allows you to store more milk in a smaller amount of space in the freezer.

Pumping Into Nanobebe Bottles With A Spectra Pump

The adapter that comes with the Nanobebe system connects to a narrow-mouth pump flange. One option to pump directly into Nanobebe bottles with a Spectra pump is to connect Medela flanges to the Spectra pump. Then, connect the Medela flanges to the Nanobebe bottles and pump straight into the bottles. Read this article I wrote with instructions to hack your Medela flanges to work with a Spectra pump.

Another option to use Nanobebe bottles with a Spectra pump is to purchase a second adapter. First, connect the adapter that comes in the Nanobebe set to the Nanobebe bottles. Next, use this adapter (link to Amazon) to connect the narrow-mouth Nanobebe adapter to a wide-mouth flange like the Spectra flanges.

Nanobebe Vs Comotomo: How Do They Compare?

The Nanobebe and Comotomo bottles are both popular for babies that are both breastfed and bottle-fed.

There are a few similarities between the Nanobebe and Comotomo bottles.

  • Both bottles are shaped to mimic the shape of a breast.
  • Both bottles are designed to support breastfeeding and to avoid confusion between breast and bottle

There are also several differences between these two bottles.

  • Comotomo is made from a soft silicone material where Nanobebe is made from a more rigid plastic material
  • Comotomo is less likely to leak, where Nanobebe bottles may leak from the pop-off bottom of the bottle.
  • Nanobebe can be warmed more quickly due to the unique shape of the bottle.
  • Nanobebe allows you to pump directly into the bottles, where milk would need to be transferred into the Comotomo bottles.

Can You Put Formula In Nanobebe Bottles?

Yes, it is possible to put formula in the Nanobebe bottles and warmer. First, mix the formula and water in another bottle or formula pitcher. Then, pour the pre-mixed formula into the Nanobebe bottles and feed them to your baby. Pre-mixing will help make sure that the formula will not clump up and it will mix evenly with water.

When cleaning the bottles after using formula, be sure to remove the silicone ring so that bacteria does not build up between the ring and the bottle.

Using infant formula in the Nanobebe bottle can be beneficial if you are weaning and your baby is already used to this bottle. It is also helpful if you are looking to supplement your milk supply.

Where To Buy Nanobebe Bottles

I checked around and found that the best prices for the Nanobebe set. I especially love the gift set because it comes with the bottles and warmer. As a bonus, it also includes pacifiers, a steam sterilizer, and a bottle drying rack! You can check this link to see the current prices (on Amazon).

Nanobebe also makes a starter set. The starter set contains the bottles, pacifiers, and warmer but does not contain the steam sterilizer or drying rack. You can check out the starter set prices at this link.


Nanobebe baby bottles are definitely a modern take on the baby bottle. It is amazing that the shape of the bottle lends itself to going back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It is also super convenient that you can pump straight into the bottles.

The main drawback is that if the bottle is not assembled properly, then it can leak. Nobody wants to lose a drop of their precious breast milk! To combat this, make sure that the bottles are assembled correctly each time.

With a unique shape that allows milk to be warmed quickly, you will not need to worry about your baby crying of hunger for very long. This can be very beneficial during those middle of the night feeding sessions!

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