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Sarah Wells Vs. JuJuBe Pump Bags (4 Stylish Pump Bags For Work)

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When I was searching for a pumping bag I had a lot of requirements. I wanted something that would fit my pump, pump supplies, and a laptop. I took a look at the Sarah Wells pump bags as well as the JuJuBe pump bags.

So, how did I decide between the Sarah Wells pump bags and the JuJuBe pump bags? The Sarah Wells Abby and JuJuBe Be Pumped bags are the best for a more formal work setting because they come in black and fit a laptop. The Sarah Wells Lizzy is best for a semi-casual setting because it fits a laptop and comes in print patterns.

Below I have listed out all the different factors that I considered when choosing a pumping bag. I ultimately decided to buy the Sarah Wells Lizzy pump bag.

How To Choose a Pump Bag For Work

When choosing a pumping bag for work, it is important to decide on the features that are most important to you.

For example, you might need a bag that is solid black (and not a print) for a formal office environment. You may also need a bag that fits a larger pump like the Spectra S1 or S2. If you have a smaller pump, like the Spectra S9 or Medela Freestyle, then you may be able to choose a smaller bag.

The most important thing for me was to find a bag that fit my Spectra pump. I was planning to take my Spectra S2 pump back and forth from home to work. Not every pumping bag that I looked at would actually fit the Spectra pump.

The first time I went to work after maternity leave, I was loaded down with so many bags. I had my backpack with my laptop a notebook for work. I had my pumping bag with my pump, extra parts, and bottles in the cooler. I also had a purse and I had a lunch bag.

It was borderline ridiculous. I could barely fit through the turnstile at work with all the bags.

After that first week back at work I knew that something would need to change. The first pumping bag that I bought fit my pump, but it didn’t have much extra room for my laptop, lunch, or wallet.

I started looking at the different types of pump bags that were available. I wanted to do research because they were a bit of an investment.

When I found a bag that I loved, I justified buying it because pumping and providing milk for my baby was less expensive than buying formula. Not to mention all the other wonderful benefits of providing milk for my daughter.

Comparison of Sarah Wells Vs. JuJuBe Breast Pump Bags


Sarah Wells Lizzy

Sarah Wells Abby

JuJuBe Be Supplied

JuJuBe Be Pumped

Fits the Spectra S1/S2


YesYes, slightly snug


Fits Pump and Laptop








Prints or Solid Colors


Solid Black (and Other Colors)Prints

Solid Black (and Prints)

Best For

Less Formal Work Pump Bag

Formal Work Pump BagWeekend Pump Bag

Formal Work Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Lizzy Pump Bag

When I found the Sarah Wells Lizzy, I was so glad that I finally could cut back on the number of bags that I was toting back and forth to work.

The Sarah Wells Lizzy pumping bag could fit my pump, pumping supplies, pumping bra, my laptop notebook and charger, and my wristlet wallet. The only other thing I needed to carry other than my pump bag was my lunch bag.

Most people could probably fit their lunch bag in it even though I did not. I carried a lot of snacks and Tupperware containers with fresh fruit and veggies to work, so I felt like I needed extra space and a big lunch bag.

One of the things that I love about this pumping bag is that the zippers are super durable and some high-quality. It makes a huge difference when you know that you can easily zip and unzip and not have to worry about the zipper is breaking.

The straps are also super sturdy. I liked to use the over the shoulder strap most of the time. This allowed me to have my hands free so I can navigate opening doors and everything else with life.

I also used this bag as my diaper bag when I was not using it for work. I would just switch out my laptop and accessories, for some extra diapers wipes and a change of clothes.

I even used it as a combination pumping bag and diaper bag when we took a few plane trips with my daughter. I loved how roomy it was.

The bag itself is very lightweight and made out of a soft waterproof material. I liked the blue and white print on my bag. There are also some other prints available for the Lizzy. There are solid colors in the Sarah Wells Abby style in case your workplace is more formal and you need a solid black tote.

Another feature I liked on the Sarah Wells Lizzy was that it had insulated pockets to keep breast milk cool. This meant I could just put an ice pack in the bag instead of carrying a separate cooler. It saved a lot of extra space in the bag.

You can check out the current prints and prices on the Sarah Wells Lizzy bag here (link to Amazon).

How To Pack The Sarah Wells Lizzy Bag

The Lizzy is slightly unstructured. Here is the best way I have found to pack it.

  1. Start by putting your pump in the larger side pocket
  2. Next, add your bottles with lids, and one or two ice packs into the insulated side pocket.
  3. Slip your laptop into the side of the bag
  4. Put your pump accessories in a wet/dry bag on top

The Lizzy bag packs much more nicely if the larger items are put into the bag first. It helps to first fill up the two bottom side pockets with the pump, bottles, and ice packs. This way, all your other pump supplies can fit on top of the pump and cooler compartments in the bag.

Sarah Wells Abby Pump Bag

The Sarah Wells Abby is a super stylish bag. This bag is perfect if you need a solid color bag for work. It would work great in a formal office setting. My friend is a lawyer and she carried this bag back and forth to work every day.

One of the things I love about this bag is the leather straps. They are comfy and make this bag look like a “normal” laptop bag. You would never guess that a pump is inside of it.

The interior was designed to be a light color. This is such a smart feature because it makes it easy to find everything in the bag.

Just like the Sarah Wells Lizzy, there is an insulated cooler section. All you need to do is to throw in an ice pack or two, and your bottles of milk will stay cold.

The Abby bag is slightly smaller and a little more structured than the Lizzy bag. It looks and feels more like a large purse, rather than a pump bag. It is still big enough to fit a Spectra pump, pumping supplies, and a laptop.

Check out the current colors and pricing for the Sarah Wells Abby bag (link to Amazon).

JuJuBe Be Supplied Pump Bag

The JuJuBe Be Supplied pump bag is very classy looking. I love the gold hardware and all the zippers and pouches on the bag. It comes in several nice looking prints.

This bag fits my Spectra S2 pump. I could also fit a cooler, a side of pump parts, a wet bag, my pumping bra, and a few other things that I would need like my wallet, keys, and phone.

The JuJuBe Be Supplied bag is a little more compact than the Sarah Wells Lizzy bag. I did not have enough room to slip my laptop or my lunch bag in the bag. Although if I was using a smaller breast pump like the S9 or the Medela pump in style, I could have fit a few more things.

I loved using this bag when I needed to take my pump on the go. I used it when my husband and I would be in the car, and I pumped while he drove. It was nice to have a smaller bag and all my pumping supplies close by and organized.

I also liked using this bag when I was visiting my in-laws or friends, and I knew I would need to pump while I was at their house. It was great to have all of my pumping supplies together.

The other thing I liked about this bag is that the shoulder straps were very comfortable. The bag was not too high up on my shoulder, or too low. It also came with a larger handle that could be used as a messenger bag.

I ended up using the JuJuBe bag a lot for when I was on the go during the weekends. I used the Sarah Wells bag when I was pumping at work and needed to carry a few more things like my laptop.

I actually loved having both of the bags because I could always keep my work bag packed and ready to go. It saved me a lot of time in the morning before work because I was not having to repack my work pump bag every day.

Having my bag packed helped to keep me from forgetting pump supplies when I went to work. It is an awful feeling getting to work and realizing that you cannot pump because you are missing a backflow protector or duckbill valve.

Check out the current JuJuBe Be Supplied prints and pricing here (link to Amazon).

JuJuBe Be Pumped Bag

The JuJuBe Be Pumped bag has plenty of room for the Spectra S1 or S2 pumps, a cooler, and pump accessories. It is also big enough to store a laptop.

A wet bag and fuel cell (cooler bag) accessories come along with the pump bag.

One of the awesome things about this bag is that it has a magnetic closure for the front compartment. The front compartment has a lot of space for your wallet, phone, and keys.

There is also a flat pocket in the back. You can easily slip a tablet into the back pocket.

One thing that I liked about this bag is that it has a nice structure to it. It stands well on its own, and you can really tell that it was made with high-quality materials. The gold hardware and accents are also very stylish.

This bag is perfect if you have a more formal work setting and need to carry a laptop along with your pump and supplies. It comes in a classy black color and has luggage feet, so the bottom of your bag will not get dirty on the floor.

You can check out the current JuJuBe Be Pumped Bag prints and pricing here (link to Amazon).


You cannot go wrong when you are choosing between the JuJuBe and Sarah Wells breast pump bags. They are all stylish bags and have different uses depending on your situation.

If you need to carry a formal pump bag to work that does not scream “pump bag”, the Sarah Wells Abby or JuJuBe Be Pumped bags are your best bet.

The Sarah Wells Lizzy bag is a great choice for a pump bag if you have a less formal work environment. It also works well if you need to carry your laptop in the same bag as your pump and supplies.

The JuJuBe Be Supplied pump bag works well if you want to carry a bag with a print and do not need to carry a laptop.

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