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The Best Pumping Bra To Wear All Day (My Top 2 Picks)

The Best Pumping Bra To Wear All Day (My Top 2 Picks)
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Are you wondering what is the best pumping bra to wear all day? I tried out five different pumping bras to see which one would work the best to wear all day at work and at home, and the pros and cons of each.

Many of the pumping bras are actually pretty uncomfortable. There are also some pumping bras that require you to keep constantly switching from a normal bra to a pumping bra every time you need to pump.

Based on your pumping schedule, that could be 3 times a day if you only pump at work, or even 8 times per day if you exclusively pump, that you are switching your bra. 

It seems like a small thing but it can end up feeling like a big pain when you are switching into a new bra every 3 or 4 hours.

I go into all details below about my two favorite bras, but if you are just looking for the short answer, the best pumping bra to wear all day is this one from Kindred Bravely. Below I have tip about how you can save a little bit of money when you buy these bras.

My second favorite pumping bra you can wear all day is this one (on Amazon).

How Many Pumping Bras Do You Need?

It is most useful to have two or three pumping bras. You need two or three because you will need one to wear while the other one is being washed and dried. 

I found that the bras would take about 24 hours to completely air dry. I wanted to wash them every couple of days to keep them from getting dirty from the milk residue.

When I had a few pumping bras, I could make sure that I always had a clean bra ready to go if one was being washed. 

When I worked outside of the house with my first baby, I liked to have one pumping bra that I kept in my pumping bag for work, one for at home, and a third bra that would be in the rotation of being washed or air dried.

How Often Should You Wash A Pumping Bra

You should try to wash a pumping bra every 2 to 4 days. They can quickly get more gross than a normal bra would get due to leaks from milk. 

Milk has a lot of sugar in it, which can attract bacteria growth. It is best to wash the pumping bra frequently so that all of the milk is washed away. 

A dirty pumping bra could lead to thrush, or even contaminate the milk that is pumped, so it is best to keep it as clean as possible.

I always washed my pumping bras in the washing machine in cold water. Then, I would hang them up to air dry.

The process of air drying the bra would take all day, or even up to 24 hours which is why I needed a few pumping bras.

This way I always had a clean one ready while the dirty one was being washed.

Do You Wear A Hands Free Pumping Bra All Day?

Yes, you can wear a hands free pumping bra all day if it is comfortable and not too tight. If the pumping bra is too constrictive, it is better to change into another bra so it does not impact your milk supply. 

A pumping bra should be tight enough that it holds the flanges well while you are pumping, but not too tight.

A tight or ill-fitting bra can cause clogged milk ducts or decrease milk supply if you wear it all day.

woman pumping milk into bottles

What To Look For In A Pumping Bra To Wear All Day

When you are shopping for a pumping bra, you will want to keep these things in mind.

  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Color
  • Price

Comfort In A Pumping Bra

In terms of comfort, you want to make sure that the bra offers enough support if you will be wearing it all day. This can be a little tricky because a bra with underwires can cause clogged milk ducts. 

I ended up using a pumping bra that had a great, soft material. I avoided pumping bras with underwires.

How Should A Pumping Bra Fit

A pumping bra should be tight enough to hold the flanges against you, but not too tight. A bra that is too tight can reduce your milk supply or also lead to clogged milk ducts.

This means it is helpful to wear a bra that adjusts in the back. At some points you may need to adjust the bra and make sure your bra is tighter as your shape changes and you lose weight after your baby is born.

Choosing The Color Of A Pumping Bra

Most pumping bras come in a nude, pink, or black color. After using several different bras while pumping for my two children, I found that I preferred the black bras.

When I used a bra that was nude or light pink, it ended up showing milk stains that were tough to get out of the fabric. I did not have this same problem with my black bras.

Price Of A Pumping Bra

Over the years, I found that I would rather have a few higher quality items than tons of super cheap ones that do not work very well. 

The more expensive bras were made of a nicer quality fabric, and the hooks worked better. They did not seem cheap and flimsy. This is my favorite high quality pumping bra from Kindred Bravely.

To save a little money, click here and use code LISA15, where you get a discount on the checkout page.

If you are looking for a less expensive pumping bra, this one is another one of my favorites. The biggest con is that it isn’t very comfortable to wear all day, so I would constantly clip it in and out of my normal nursing bra.

The Most Comfortable Pumping Bra For Work or Home (Pros and Cons)

The two most comfortable pumping bras are this one from Kindred Bravely (higher end option) and one on Amazon (budget option) below. 

A lot of moms start out using a zip-up style pumping bra, even though it might not be the most comfortable option. I have this one and really like using this pumping bra for my Spectra pump.

After a while though, I realized it was not very comfortable to wear longer than for a 20 to 30 minute long pumping session. I ended up constantly changing in and out of that zip up bra and into a nursing bra. 

This got pretty annoying when I was pumping 6 times a day (or even up to 8 or 10 times per day according to my pumping schedule).

After that I checked out a few other pumping bras that I could wear all day long.

High Quality Option

My favorite high quality pumping bra was from Kindred Bravely. It lasted me through pumping with two babies, and seems like it will still hold up if we decide to have another one.

It is a little more expensive than the budget option below. But, if you check out their bundle package with 3 bras, their price is only slightly higher than the budget option below. 

In my opinion it was worth the little bit extra for a nicer bra.


  • Can pump, nurse, or do both at the same time
  • Works well under clothing
  • Easily adjusts in the back with a hook closure, and straps are adjustable
  • Fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and lasts well over time


  • Slightly higher price than the budget option below

Budget Option

I found that the most budget-friendly comfortable pumping bra to wear all day was this one from Amazon. You might want to buy a size larger than your normal size because I felt like it ran a little small.

One thing I noticed when I was pumping is that I usually needed a larger size bra in the first couple months after giving birth. Then, as I lost weight over time, I would need a smaller band size. 

One of the drawbacks to this bra is that the back isn’t adjustable because it is more of a sports bra style where you pull it over your head. 

So if you lose weight over time, then the bra might be too loose and you won’t be able to adjust it like you would with the higher quality option.


  • Can pump, nurse, or do both at the same time
  • Works well under clothing
  • Comfortable to wear all day


  • Does not have a hook closure, you have to pull it over your head to put it on and take it off
  • Cannot adjust the bra easily because it is all one piece
  • You may need to buy different sizes if you lose weight and your body size changes over the course of several months.
  • The bra gets stretched out if you use it for nursing because you have to pull it to the side

Overall, I preferred the higher end option and thought it was the most comfortable pumping bra. However, if you are on a tight budget, the bra from Amazon is also a good choice. 

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