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Best Pumping Bra For Spectra (Pump Hands Free with My Top 2 Picks)

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If you just got your pump, you may be wondering which hands free pumping bra will work the best with a Spectra.

You may have tried to DIY a pumping bra, or you may have already purchased one and realized that you can’t get the flanges in the pumping bra without some acrobatics.

When I started pumping, one of the first things I purchased was a hands free pumping bra. Once I started using it, my life was changed!

I finally had a little more freedom back in my life. Pumping hands free allowed me to take care of my baby so much easier.

Once I went back to work, I could use my phone or type on my laptop while pumping, and I felt so much more productive!

So, what is the best pumping bra for Spectra? The best pumping bra for Spectra:

  • Has slits (not holes) so you can fit the one-piece flange in the bra
  • Allows you to quickly start pumping, and
  • Is high quality and will last for multiple daily pumping sessions during baby’s first year.
  • My top two picks for this pumping bra meet all of these criteria.

Below are some great tips for you on:

  • Why Medela Pumping Bras Don’t Work With A Spectra Pump
  • How Many Pumping Bras Do You Need
  • The Best Pumping Bra For A Spectra
  • Do DIY Pumping Bras Work For A Spectra?
The best pumping bra for a spectra pump allows you to pump hands free. Two great options exist, including one that is comfortable to wear all day. Is it possible to DIY a pumping bra for Spectra and use that hack?

Why Medela Pumping Bras Won’t Work For A Spectra

Many of the pumping bras that are available are designed for Medela flanges. These flanges have two pieces, and you can easily slide the shield into your pumping bra and then attach the connector and bottle.

If you are using one of these pumping bras, you will realize that you can’t get your Spectra flanges to fit into the small holes.

The flanges that come with a Spectra pump are all in one piece. This makes it a little tricky to find a pumping bra that will allow you to slip the flanges on easily when you are ready to pump.

When I wanted a hands free pumping bra for my Spectra, I tried a few out. I eventually found this pumping bra on Amazon and was so happy with it!

You also might want to check the bra out on their website here to see if they are running any deals.

It worked perfectly and I could slip the one-piece flanges in and out of the pumping bra easily. I ended up liking it so much that I bought two of them.

My Favorite Pumping Bra For A Spectra

After using that bra for a few months, I realized that I really wanted a pumping bra that was comfortable to wear all day.

When I was pumping at work, I needed a bra that I didn’t have to completely change out of when I was finished pumping so I could quickly get back to my desk.

My absolute top pick for a long-lasting, high quality bra for the Spectra pump is this one (the Sublime version). It held up so well through pumping for two babies and it was so comfortable to wear all day. As a bonus, you can use this link and code LISA20 for a 20% off coupon!

How Many Pumping Bras Do I Need

You will probably need 2 or 3 pumping bras if you are an exclusive pumper.

If you pump while at work and nurse at home, you will probably need two pumping bras.

If you are mostly home with your baby and only pump occasionally, you are probably fine with one pumping bra.

Having 2 pumping bras is necessary if you pump every day because you will need to have one available to pump while you are washing and air drying the other bra.

Pumping bras tend to get dirty quickly because milk will get on them. You’ll want to wash them every couple of days.

I also recommend air drying your pumping bras so they last longer and are not damaged by the dryer.

The Best Hands Free Pumping Bra for Spectra

When you are looking for a hands free pumping bra for a Spectra, you’ll want to pay attention to a few different things.

  • Does the bra fit the Spectra flanges?
  • Does it feel secure while you are pumping (and once the bottles are full)
  • Does the pumping bra adjust easily as your size changes postpartum?

I ended up using two pumping bras with my Spectra. Both of them worked AMAZINGLY well.

This pumping bra (link to Amazon), was the best bra I found to use when I was pumping at home.

This first bra fit all three of my criteria. My favorite part about it was that I could completely customize the fit. There was velcro that helped me to make it as tight as I needed it to be as my size changed postpartum.

The only downside is that this bra was not comfortable enough to wear all day long. I would end up pulling it on top of a nursing bra and then taking it off once I was done pumping.

This pumping bra (link to Amazon), was my favorite pumping bra to use on the go. It also fit all three of my criteria.

It is actually an attachment that you use along with a regular nursing bra! When I was done pumping, I un-clipped the pumping attachment and then wore my nursing bra like a regular bra.

My favorite part about this option for a pumping bra and pumping attachment is that it was comfortable to wear with any nursing bra.

If you go with this second option, you’ll want to make sure you use it with a nursing bra that has clips like the one below.

Here is a link to the nursing bra that I used with my pumping attachment. I loved that it was comfortable and had a great silky feel against my skin.

If you don’t want to go with a nursing bra and pumping attachment, then this bra is the most comfortable one to wear all day. It is secure, it didn’t rub, and I could easily wear it the entire time I was at work.

Hacks To Make Pumping Easier With A Spectra

If you have a Spectra pump, here are a few of my favorite tips:

  1. Use these warming pads to help you pump milk faster (link to LaVie). Use the coupon code LISA10 to save 10% off your purchase.
  2. Here is how to make your Spectra S2 portable with a battery pack
  3. Use this simple hack to use Medela pump parts with a Spectra pump

Pumping Bra For Spectra S1 and S2

Both of these pumping bras work great with Spectra S1 and S2 pumps.

The Spectra S1 and S2 use the same flanges and function the same.

The main difference between the two pumps is that the Spectra S1 is blue and has a built-in battery pack. The Spectra S2 is pink and needs to be plugged into the wall while you are pumping.

These 2 pumping bras also work great with a Spectra S9, which is the small portable version of the Spectra.

DIY Pumping Bra For Spectra

A popular hack for creating a DIY pumping bra is to take a Sports Bra and cut holes in it.

A big problem with that is that the holes need to be small enough so the bra will stay tight against your chest.

With a Spectra, you’ll have to cut the holes bigger so the flanges can fit through. This means that you lose some support and the milk bottles are not as secure.

The last thing you want to have are milk bottles that are not secure! It puts you at risk of dropping those bottles of liquid gold that you worked so hard to pump.

Personally, I didn’t want to damage one of my nice sports bras and cut holes in it. I also wasn’t able to squeeze into some of my old sports bras after my baby was born.

This is why I recommend using this pumping bra for Spectra (link to Amazon).

I loved that it was fully adjustable and felt secure while I was pumping. I could adjust it to be tighter as I lost weight the further I was postpartum.

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