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How To Get Insurance To Cover The Willow Pump

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If you are in the market for a hands free pump, you may wonder how you can get your insurance to cover the Willow pump. Many moms have had success getting full or partial coverage for their pump. 

Insurance coverage for the Willow pump will depend on your individual plan. The coverage can be different, for example, if you and your friend both have Blue Cross Blue Shield, but different plans through different employers.

Here are the few easy steps to take to see if your insurance will cover the Willow pump. Taking these steps below will make sure that you get the best deal on your pump.

Step 1: Do Some Research On The Willow

The first thing you will want to do is to go here to the Willow website. You can check out their current promotions and see what accessories you get when you directly order the pump from Willow. I ended up buying my pump directly from Willow.

Willow will accept FSA and HSA funds when you order directly through them.

You can save some money on the pump by paying for it with pre-tax dollars using an FSA or HSA account. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about ordering your pump.

Step 2: Reach out to a Durable Medical Equipment Company

One of the easiest ways to see your insurance benefit is to reach out to a medical supply company.

Really the only thing you will need is your insurance card and some basic information like your name, your doctor’s name and contact information, and your baby’s due date or birth date.

You can start by clicking here and filling out the quick form to see if your insurance will cover all or a portion of the cost of the Willow pump

Most of the moms I have talked to have been able to get a portion of the Willow covered by their insurance benefit. Then, if they have an FSA or HSA, they use those funds to pay for the remainder of the pump.

Step 3: Reach Out To Your Insurance Company

The next option is to call your insurance company directly. There are a few different questions you will want to ask them. 

You can ask them to look at your policy and see how much your insurance plan will cover for a breast pump. 

You can also ask them how frequently they will cover a new pump. Some plans will cover a new pump every calendar year. Others cover one pump per pregnancy. Other plans will only cover a new pump every two to three years.

You will also want to ask your insurance company if you can buy the pump on your own and then submit the receipt for reimbursement. 

This may be the best way to get the most coverage on your pump. Look around for the best deal (like through the Willow website here) and then submit your receipt for reimbursement. Then, you can try to submit the balance to be paid for by your HSA or FSA plan.

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