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Can You Lay Down And Pump With Willow? (Yes, Here’s How!)

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If you have been pumping, it may sound like a dream to be able to lay down and pump with Willow. There are a few steps to follow while pumping so you do not spill any of your precious milk.

If you have used a traditional pump, you may have found that it is not easy to rest and relax while pumping.

You may have realized that you need to sit upright when using a traditional pump, or even hunched forward a little bit so that the milk drips properly into the bottles.

Laying down and pumping, or even sleeping while pumping with Willow can almost sound too good to be true if you have been pumping in the middle of the night. 

The freedom to pump in any position is one of the biggest perks to the Willow pump. If you want to see any current deals they are running on this revolutionary pump, be sure to click here and check them out. 

There are a few easy steps to pumping with the Willow. Keep these things in mind if you’d like to lay down and pump with Willow.

Step 1: Use The Milk Bags When Pumping

Willow comes with a few different options for pumping. You can either use reusable containers for pumping or you can pump with milk bags. 

To make sure that your pumping session will be completely leak-proof, use the milk bags if you are planning to lay down and pump with Willow.

The reusable containers have small holes in them to ensure that the suction will work properly. This means they are not one hundred percent leak proof like the milk bags.

Step 2: Ensure You Are Properly Aligned

The second step to sleeping or laying down and pumping is to make sure that you are properly aligned before you begin pumping.

Without proper alignment, your pump may not latch properly. If this doesn’t happen then you may pump less milk than you were expecting.

It is easiest to practice aligning properly during the day. Once you have the hang of it, you will know your pumping session is off to a good start. 

After a little practice to make sure your alignment is correct, you can become more relaxed with your pumping sessions and start laying down while pumping.

Step 3: Set A Timer (Like The One On Your Phone)

The final step is to watch the Willow app for the first few minutes. 

Make sure that you move out of stimulation mode before closing your eyes and lying down to pump. This will usually be after you have pumped about an ounce.

After you are out of stimulation mode, set a timer for your pumping session. Many moms find that a session of 15 or 20 minutes is enough. 

The timer will make sure that you do not accidentally fall into too deep of a sleep before you have a chance to unlatch the pumps.

Step 4: Lay Down Or Sleep While Pumping With Willow

Lay down and finish your pumping session. You can even do this in bed because the Willow milk bags are leak-proof. 

Once the timer goes off, unlatch from the pump.

I recommend having a small cooler filled with ice packs next to your bed, or even a mini fridge in your bedroom.

Put the milk bags into into the cooler or mini fridge. This will save you a trip to the kitchen and help you get back to sleep as quickly as possible.

Step 5: Safely Store The Milk

According to the CDC, freshly pumped milk is only good on the countertop for up to 4 hours.

This assumes that it isn’t too hot in your room, and it is 77 degrees or cooler.

In a refrigerator milk can be stored up to 4 days. In a cooler bag with ice packs milk can be stored up to 24 hours, but it should be transferred to a refrigerator as soon as possible.

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