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Can You Use Oreos to Increase Milk Supply?

Can You Use Oreos to Increase Milk Supply?
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You may be curious to know if you can use Oreos to increase your milk supply. Oreos are one of several popular snacks that some moms swear by when they are breastfeeding, and you might wonder if this has any merit.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking breastfeeding is easy. Even though it’s such a rewarding experience, there are all kinds of speed bumps along the way.

Low milk supply is one of these issues that new moms run into. Luckily, there are some easy home remedies, including eating certain foods and snacks.

There’s a wild rumor floating around that Oreos are actually one of these foods. Is it true?

Can you use Oreos to increase milk supply? There’s no actual scientific evidence that shows milk supply increases with eating Oreos. However, there are still plenty of moms that insist they owe their increased milk supply to Oreos. 

If you’re experiencing low milk supply, and you’re interested in trying different foods for a boost, then this article is for you.

Or maybe you’re a breastfeeding mom that’s interested in eating a bunch of Oreos, all in the name of research, to find out for yourself. But, if you want to increase your milk supply without all the empty calories, check out my favorite milk-booster here. The chocolate fudge flavor is so delicious!

You can also find another one of my favorite milk-boosting products here. (hint: I found it on Etsy!)

Keep reading for the lowdown on how Oreos might actually help increase milk supply.

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How Oreos Might Increase Milk Supply

The key word here is might, since there’s never been a study done on the relationship between eating Oreos and increased milk supply.

But, that doesn’t mean it can’t work, and eating Oreos isn’t the worst thing in the world.  

There are some theories out there as to why some moms have had positive results by increasing milk supply after eating Oreos.

Here are some reasons that Oreos might have caused some nursing or pumping moms to have these results. 

Theory #1: Oreos May Increase Oxytocin To Help Milk Supply

The hormone that causes letdown, or the milk to be released, is oxytocin. When this happens, there’s all kinds of things that the body feels, including relaxation.

It’s not uncommon for nursing moms to feel overwhelmingly sleepy, during feedings, thanks to oxytocin.

So, if Oreos make you feel extra relaxed, it’s possible that this could stimulate your milk to be letdown more quickly because of the release of Oxytocin.

However, there’s a different hormone that’s related to the actual milk supply, and it’s not directly related to Oreo consumption. 

Other Ways to Stimulate Letdown

To make a really long story short, Oreos could possibly encourage the letdown reflex to happen a little quicker, which can feel like your milk supply is building.

If you’re looking to stimulate the letdown reflex without Oreos, try one of these instead:

  • Adjust your pump to increase the speed and suction. 
  • Try a warm compress on each breast.
  • Taking a hot, but not too hot, bath or shower. 
  • Get a jump start before feeding or pumping by hand expressing. 

One of the best ways I used to increase the let down reflex (without all the cookies) is to use heat and massage. This is one of my favorite products I used while breastfeeding and pumping for my little one (link to Amazon).

You can also read out about a different tool I used to increase my milk supply in this article here.

Theory #2: Consuming Extra Calories From Oreos May Boost Milk Supply

Producing milk means your body is working overtime, and it needs a lot of energy to do so.

Nursing moms do need to consume more calories in order to keep up with the milk production – a whopping 3,000+ calories, to be exact. As many as 425-700 calories are lost during the feeding process. 

Women that aren’t getting enough calories during the day will more often than not see a decrease in their milk supply, so eating more is important in these situations.

It’s possible that some moms in this position have eaten Oreos as a means to get some quick calories in, which would increase milk supply. 

However, it’s important to remember that quality, not just quantity, applies very heavily to a breastfeeding mom’s diet.

Oreos are very high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup, so you won’t be earning any points in the healthy eating department.

Alternative Foods for Quality Calories

If you’re still concerned about getting more calories, and you’re convinced that Oreos will help, then go for it.

But, if you’re rethinking that plan and you’re interested in some delicious alternatives that will give you quality calories, here are some healthier sweet treats.

Anything with almond butter and dark chocolate is a great choice. Together, they’re a dynamic duo that are known to increase milk supply.

Lactation brownies are another fantastic option. These are brownies that can actually help increase your supply. They’ll satisfy your chocolate craving without all the high fructose corn syrup found in Oreos. 

No bake cookies are always a special treat. Look for a version that includes dark chocolate and nuts. These will have more quality calories than Oreos. They’re a yummy treat when they’re done, if you can get to that point without eating all the dough. 

Theory #3: Stress Eating May Boost Milk Supply

This is another one of those things that’s not recommended outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there is evidence that shows stress eating can temporarily have a positive impact on milk supply. 

Cortisol is an incredibly complex hormone that’s released during stress. High cortisol levels and stress will reduce milk supply.

Although cortisol does have many other functions that are important. Cortisol levels are a balancing act, although that’s a very scientific discussion for a different day.

Trying to be as low stress as possible, while breastfeeding and pumping is crucial for keeping a steady milk supply. Along with a few other factors, of course.

Naturally, this is much easier said than done. Having a newborn isn’t exactly a relaxing activity. 

But, if eating Oreos is a way to reduce some stress, even if it’s just a quick fix, it could result in a quick spike in milk production. 

Other Stress Busters

While it was fun for a minute to fantasize about stress eating with a purpose, it’s back to reality. The Oreos might make you feel great for a short period, but you will probably feel a little more stressed when you realize that you just put down a whole sleeve of Oreos.

These long term stress reducing tricks will have a more beneficial impact in the long run:

Regular exercise encourages your body to release endorphins, which combat stress all on their own.

Medical restrictions can prevent you from exercising too much, but a short walk with your baby is a perfect place to start. Be sure to get the all-clear from your doctor before beginning an exercise plan.

Being afraid to ask questions or feeling alone is a huge battle that many new moms go through while breastfeeding or pumping.

Don’t ever hesitate to discuss any of these feelings with your doctor. They’ve literally seen it all, so whatever you’re feeling is not new and they’re here to help. 

Rest and relaxation are two of the best ways to combat stress, but peace and quiet isn’t exactly on the menu of things to do with your newborn.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Friends and family members are more than willing to hold your baby while you take a nap… or even just take a shower for that matter. 

Other Snacks to Increase Milk Supply

Now you know that Oreos might increase your milk supply, but they’re not a sure thing. The only guarantee with eating Oreos is that they’re delicious, and not exactly nutritious.

It’s also probable that you’re going to feel some kind of way after eating a bunch of Oreos, especially if you don’t end up producing more milk. 

So put down the Oreos, okay fine, eat a couple first, and try one of these snacks instead. These all have galactagogues, which are known to increase milk supply.

Grab and Go Breastfeeding Snack Options

Breastfeeding moms don’t have a ton of free time to prep snacks. Not to mention, your mom brain is in full swing and thinking ahead isn’t always easy.

There are plenty of snacks that you can find at the store and keep on hand for when you’re hungry, and can help build your milk supply:

Seaweed snacks: These come in a variety of flavors so they don’t have to taste fresh out of the ocean

Granola bars: tons of options here, but ingredients like oats, flax seed, and almonds are well known galactagogues. 

Snack pouches: get to know these well, because your soon-to-be-toddler will be a huge fan soon enough. They make snack versions for nursing moms with chia seeds. 

Breastfeeding Snacks To Make and Take

For those of you that do have time to make your own healthy choice, congratulations, you are the chosen few!

Enjoy that hard earned quiet time in the kitchen, or not so quiet time most likely, but at least the result is something delicious to eat with one of these:

Energy bites: These are bite sized snacks that can give you a boost of energy and milk supply is a huge bonus. And, they’re made with healthy ingredients so it’s okay if a couple of extra ones happen to fall into your mouth. 

Lactation smoothies: smoothies always sound like such a good idea until you have to start doing the work of making them.

When you have the time and energy, you can prep the ingredients and store them in the freezer. When you’re ready, just pour in a little water, or better yet, coconut water, and blend. 

Granola and berries: You don’t have to get too carried away and make your own granola, unless you really want to.

Any granola with whole grain ingredients is perfect, along with your favorite berries. If you really want to go the extra mile, sprinkle some flax or chia seeds on top. These two ingredients are also helpful to increase milk supply.

How Oreos May Increase Breast Milk Supply

There are a few different ways that Oreos may increase milk supply. It could be through the release of oxytocin, from eating extra calories, or by reducing stress.

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