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EASY Spectra Bottle Adapter (Medela, Dr Brown, Tommee tippee, Comotomo)

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If you have a Spectra pump, you may be wondering how you can adapt it to use the same bottles that your baby drinks from. There is an easy fix below for each of the different types of bottles like Medela, Dr. Brown, Tommee Tippee, and Comotomo.

So, how do you use a Spectra bottle adapter?

  1. First, note the brand of bottle that you own and if it is a standard neck or wide neck bottle.
  2. Use the chart below to find the correct adapter for your bottles
  3. Easily twist the bottle adapter onto your Spectra flanges
  4. Then, twist your bottles onto the flanges
  5. Pump directly into the bottles

Why Do You Need An Adapter?

There are a few different reasons why you may want to connect your Spectra pump to different bottles like Medela, Dr. Brown, Tommee Tippee, or Comotomo.

  • Your baby prefers to drink milk out of a different bottle than the ones that came with your pump
  • Pumping and feeding from the same bottles from means less time spent cleaning baby bottles
  • You might already have a few sets of Medela pump parts or bottles that you bought before you started using a Spectra pump
  • You might pump more than 5oz per side in one pump session, and need to use larger bottles that hold more milk.

I started out pumping with a Medela Symphony pump, and then I moved over to using the Spectra S2 pump I received from my insurance.

After the switch, I had a bunch of sets of Medela pump parts and bottles. I wanted to use them with my Spectra pump once I made the switch from Medela.

My baby also preferred to drink out of Dr. Brown bottles, and I used an adapter to pump directly into these bottles.

What If You Don’t Want To Use An Adapter

If you don’t want to use an adapter, you can also pump into bottles that are compatible with the Spectra flanges.

One of the brands of Avent bottles worked well with my Spectra flanges. I pumped directly into these bottles. They attached directly to my Spectra flanges without needing an adapter.

Here is a link to the set of Avent bottles that worked the best for me.

Spectra Adapter For Medela Bottles

When you are using a Spectra pump and Medela bottles, you may have noticed that the flanges have a wide opening. But, the standard Medela bottles have a narrow opening. 

You will need a Spectra to Medela adapter in order to connect your pump parts to the bottles.

In order to pump straight into Medela bottles, you have two options. I primarily used the Spectra S2 pump, and I used both of the options below so I could interchange my Medela and Spectra pump parts.

Both of the Spectra Medela adapter options I explain below will work for all the Spectra pumps, like the S1, S2, and S9.

Option 1: Use the Spectra flanges that came with your Spectra pump and an adapter.

When you do this, you will need to get this adapter from Amazon. It will allow you to easily attach Medela bottles to your Spectra flanges and pump.

This Spectra adapter for Medela bottles will allow you to connect Spectra flanges and narrow mouth bottles like Medela bottles.

This adapter works well as a Spectra S2 bottle adapter. It will also work with the Spectra S1 and S9 pumps because they all use the same tubing. 

I actually own all 3 of these pumps, and I spilled all of my best secrets for pumping with them in this article: How To Use A Spectra S1 & S2 (Settings and Bonus Tips).

Option 2: Use Medela flanges and bottles with your Spectra pump. 

You can actually use Medela flanges and Medela bottles with a Spectra pump. 

You might want to do this if you already have a few sets of Medela pump parts, or if you need a different flange size than the standard Spectra flanges. 

If you try and use the tubing that came with your Spectra S1 or S2 pump, you might realize that it will not fit into the Medela flanges. 

The easiest way to connect your Medela pump parts to Spectra tubing is to use a small adapter. 

I used this adapter because I started out pumping with a Medela and then switched to a Spectra a few months into my pumping journey. 

If you decide to do this, you will need this adapter from Amazon. 

You can read more about this Spectra to Medela hack in my article here.

Spectra Adapter For Dr Brown Bottles

You can also use an adapter to connect your Spectra pump to Dr. Brown bottles. The standard Dr. Brown bottles have a narrow neck just like the Medela bottles. 

The narrow neck bottles are also known as the “standard” Dr Brown bottles. Most likely, these are the types of bottles that you have. 

If you want to double check, you can grab a ruler or tape measure and check the diameter of the bottle opening.

  • Standard Neck (or narrow neck) bottles are a little less than 1.5 inches when you measure across the diameter of the top of the bottle.
  • Wide Neck bottles are a little less than 2 inches when you measure across the diameter of the top of the bottle

You can use this adapter (link to Amazon) in order to connect your Spectra flanges to Dr. Brown bottles with a narrow neck opening.

Tip: This adapter is the same one as the Spectra Medela bottle adapter. So, you can use the same adapter and interchange both Medela and Dr Brown bottles.

The Spectra Dr Brown adapter works by connecting the wide mouth opening of the flange to the narrower mouth opening of the bottles. 

If you are using Option 2 above, your Medela flanges will also screw directly onto Dr. Brown bottles with the same adapter. 

I did this almost every day because my daughter drank out of Dr. Brown bottles to help relieve her reflux. 

Note About Dr Brown Wide Neck Bottles

If you are looking for a Spectra adapter for Dr Brown wide neck bottles, then you probably do not need a different adapter. Just try and see if the Dr Brown wide neck bottles will fit onto your Spectra flanges.

If they do not fit and you have these wide neck bottles, I would recommend either buying the narrow neck Dr Brown bottles or to use the Avent bottles linked below.

Another option is to pump into these Avent bottles and use them for feeding. 

Tommee Tippee Spectra Adapter

In order to pump directly into Tommee Tippee bottles with your Spectra pump, you need two different adapters. 

The Tommee Tippee bottles are an extra wide-neck bottle size. There is an adapter which will connect them to Medela flanges. 

In order to connect them to Spectra flanges, you will need to get a little creative and use both of these adapters.

First, use this adapter to make your Spectra pump compatible with Medela bottles.

The first adapter creates a connection from your Spectra pump to a narrow mouth bottle.

Second, use this adapter to make your Medela adapter compatible with the Tommee Tippee bottle.

This second adapter creates a connection from the narrow mouth adapter to the Tommee Tippee bottle.

When you use both of these adapters together, you have a Spectra Tommee Tippee adapter. Once they are both connected, you can pump straight into the Tommee tippee bottles with your Spectra pump.

If this sounds too complicated, you can always just pump into these Avent bottles. It might be easier for you to use them than to use two adapters. 

Spectra Comotomo Adapter

You can also use an adapter to connect your Spectra pump to Comotomo bottles.

The Comotomo bottles have an extra wide neck, and you will need a different adapter if you want to pump directly into these bottles.

By using a Spectra adapter for Comotomo bottles, you won’t have to deal with losing milk when transferring between your pumping bottles and feeding bottles.

You can get this Comotomo Spectra Adapter here (link to Amazon).

Bottles And Adapters Chart

You can use these adapters to pump into different types of bottles. These adapters will allow you to easily connect your Spectra flanges to different brands of bottles.

Here is an easy summary chart to show you which adapter to use depending on the type of bottle you want to pump into.

Bottle BrandLink To Adapter
Medela Medela Adapter
Dr BrownDr Brown Adapter
Tommee TippeTwo adapters are needed: this adapter and this adapter
ComotomoComotomo Adapter

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